A sort of quiet calm before the storm

Since Tuesday, the stockmen have been mustering cattle. Over the dry season, some paddocks were opened up so that the cattle could move freely between up to 3 paddocks at a go. There was so little feed and not too many cattle that this is a good way to manage them. But the rain has… Continue reading A sort of quiet calm before the storm

Toast for Smoke-oh

So I’m bending over getting cheese on toast out of the oven…. Then standard cake/slice/biscuits is out on the bench already along wth a plate of ovened cinnamon toast. In walks a stockman. “@$&$ yeah” I’m thinking huh? I turn around and he is excited about cinnamon toast.. Then we say hello. Next stockman walks… Continue reading Toast for Smoke-oh


For a pav that is rather like a marshmallow: into the mix master chuck: 6 eggwhites 2 teaspoons vinegar 3 cups caster sugar 3 tablespoons cornflour 1 teaspoon vanilla essence turn the machine on and leave it for 15-20 mins dollop the mix into a foil lined, greased glass dish. bake at 100*C for 1hr… Continue reading Pavlova

Baking day.

Today is wet again. On Saturday I felt a bit of rain knee pain… So on Sunday, I washed the tea towels in the morning and got them dry before 1:30 pm. Then about 4 pm it started drizzling. And I was proud of my knee. Good thing I listened too cos today has been… Continue reading Baking day.