A sort of quiet calm before the storm

Since Tuesday, the stockmen have been mustering cattle. Over the dry season, some paddocks were opened up so that the cattle could move freely between up to 3 paddocks at a go. There was so little feed and not too many cattle that this is a good way to manage them. But the rain has… Continue reading A sort of quiet calm before the storm


Beef tongue. Corn it with your other pieces of corning meat. Boil it when you boil corned beef for tea. Peel the outer layer off the tongue while it is still hot Slice and serve it. Have white sauce on offer. Stand back and watch the younger workers pull faces and the older worker get… Continue reading Tongue

Baking day.

Today is wet again. On Saturday I felt a bit of rain knee pain… So on Sunday, I washed the tea towels in the morning and got them dry before 1:30 pm. Then about 4 pm it started drizzling. And I was proud of my knee. Good thing I listened too cos today has been… Continue reading Baking day.

Pasta cake for dinner

Lasanga mosaics?   I made two after panicking and thinking the first was too small. I had more comments than usual about this meal so they must of enjoyed it. However, I hated it. Dad would understand. Too acidic for me. We’re out of my secret ingredients so I had to use tomato paste. I ate… Continue reading Pasta cake for dinner