Tag: Living in the outback

  • Early Wet

    They predicted an early wet. It’s looking pretty green around here. It’s so exciting to see the change of colour from orange and red and yellow to Blue and grey and green. My poddies are doing well although Bruce is a little finicky. And look what I found in the wash bay. A sunflower! Fancy […]

  • A sort of quiet calm before the storm

    Since Tuesday, the stockmen have been mustering cattle. Over the dry season, some paddocks were opened up so that the cattle could move freely between up to 3 paddocks at a go. There was so little feed and not too many cattle that this is a good way to manage them. But the rain has […]

  • It’s what you make of it.

    Going to the camp draft is what you make of it. There are those that might say it’s boring (as spectator sports go). There are those that only go the get absolutely sloshed. Here is what I made of it… An opportunity to be with my station mates and a chance to draw (them)…

  • Campdrafting

    A quiet (by city standards, I think) coming together of horses and riders in which it seems more common to not complete the course. I think many of you city readers would find it boring. I found it interesting and enjoyed it for the morning. I enjoyed watching the horses get ready. I was completely […]

  • Friday at Yelvertoft

    Disclaimer: This post will be written with my Sydney audience in mind… There are a surprising number of assumptions made on the part of both city and country folk and I am standing smack bang in between them. There are times even now where I forget that city folk just have no idea… I had […]

  • I am not hungry for colour here

    I am pretty lucky to be working a job that means I’m up and outdoors enough to see the many colours of our skies at sunrise and sunset. No really! The last job? I was working night shift and inside helping people with showers, no windows when showering. Also Sydney and Glenormiston are so far […]

  • The Georgina. The Longreach. And the first channel.

    Yesterday morning the Georgina was about 0.4 m over the bridge. Yesterday afternoon, Ron checked again and it was 1.1m over the bridge. Most of today it was sitting about 1.0  over the bridge or just  a bit under.  And the Longreach is at 0.8. The channel is definitely too muddy and deep for my […]

  • I went for a quick (60 minute) drive

      At the beginning of this month, Glenormiston received most of their yearly average rainfall in the space of about 6 days. Its been 2 weeks since then and I went to have a looky loo at the water level at the bridge and the green that has grown. The rainfall was enough to set […]

  • Stars

    I’ve been a few places where the stars are magnificent like Lithgow or Mudgee, but none as bright as what I could see this morning at 5:20. Stars that meet the horizon. That’s amazing in my books.