A dome

Saw a video on Facebook and decided to give it a go: A roll of packing plastic wrap and a couple lengths of conduit from Bunnings were acquired and finally a bit of sunshine and time. This is what we turned out: It was a fun little project to attempt with my Parker, and while… Continue reading A dome

A sort of quiet calm before the storm

Since Tuesday, the stockmen have been mustering cattle. Over the dry season, some paddocks were opened up so that the cattle could move freely between up to 3 paddocks at a go. There was so little feed and not too many cattle that this is a good way to manage them. But the rain has… Continue reading A sort of quiet calm before the storm


For a pav that is rather like a marshmallow: into the mix master chuck: 6 eggwhites 2 teaspoons vinegar 3 cups caster sugar 3 tablespoons cornflour 1 teaspoon vanilla essence turn the machine on and leave it for 15-20 mins dollop the mix into a foil lined, greased glass dish. bake at 100*C for 1hr… Continue reading Pavlova


Beef tongue. Corn it with your other pieces of corning meat. Boil it when you boil corned beef for tea. Peel the outer layer off the tongue while it is still hot Slice and serve it. Have white sauce on offer. Stand back and watch the younger workers pull faces and the older worker get… Continue reading Tongue