Friday at Yelvertoft

Disclaimer: This post will be written with my Sydney audience in mind… There are a surprising number of assumptions made on the part of both city and country folk and I am standing smack bang in between them. There are times even now where I forget that city folk just have no idea… I had… Continue reading Friday at Yelvertoft

I went for a quick (60 minute) drive

  At the beginning of this month, Glenormiston received most of their yearly average rainfall in the space of about 6 days. Its been 2 weeks since then and I went to have a looky loo at the water level at the bridge and the green that has grown. The rainfall was enough to set… Continue reading I went for a quick (60 minute) drive


It’s been a week or so. I have fairly successfully weened myself off dvds and TV. I watch compulsory tv at brekky and dinner. I watch a bit more after lunch but it’s breakfast tv and like having the radio on… And I can’t be bothered watching the DVDs I brought with me. I always… Continue reading Multimedia.

Beef is good for me.

If I was in Sydney, I would have had a sick day today. It would have been one of those days where I got up and said…. Nope not driving today. And I guess it was a bit difficult in the morning but I reckon my diet is pretty good these days which meant I… Continue reading Beef is good for me.


One beautiful Pav I’m practicing for Glenorminston Station.

A New Job

Getting ready to go someplace COMPLETELY different!!! Yep I’m way out of my comfort zone now.