15th December 2018

Back on the alcohol again… alcohol markers that is. Head over to Instagram to see how it really looks… I did the groceries. This is not the norm. I leave it to Parker. I’m too much like my dad in the isles. $$$$$ Came home with a 1kg tin of ovaltine. Posted off my little… Continue reading 15th December 2018

Call em Shawn

I don’t speak sheep. This weekend was the weekend that we have been building towards. So yards are getting built. The shade cloth was going up. The shed was getting finalised. All because out in the paddock were some fairly woolly animals that were in need of attention. Parker has a nice handful of sheep… Continue reading Call em Shawn

Friday at Yelvertoft

Disclaimer: This post will be written with my Sydney audience in mind… There are a surprising number of assumptions made on the part of both city and country folk and I am standing smack bang in between them. There are times even now where I forget that city folk just have no idea… I had… Continue reading Friday at Yelvertoft

The Georgina. The Longreach. And the first channel.

Yesterday morning the Georgina was about 0.4 m over the bridge. Yesterday afternoon, Ron checked again and it was 1.1m over the bridge. Most of today it was sitting about 1.0  over the bridge or just  a bit under.  And the Longreach is at 0.8. The channel is definitely too muddy and deep for my… Continue reading The Georgina. The Longreach. And the first channel.

I went for a quick (60 minute) drive

  At the beginning of this month, Glenormiston received most of their yearly average rainfall in the space of about 6 days. Its been 2 weeks since then and I went to have a looky loo at the water level at the bridge and the green that has grown. The rainfall was enough to set… Continue reading I went for a quick (60 minute) drive