It’s a long way to the shop If you wanna sausage roll….

It’s a long way to the shop
If you wanna sausage roll….

Thing is I’m not actually after a sausage roll, it was the end of a line of thought that went as follows:

1 Steve has gone to Mt Isa
2 Narda wants to know if I need anything from Mt Isa (I said no, I’m into internet shopping)
3 Going to the shops for things I use to go to the shops for is like going to Canberra to visit Woolies from Sydney.. (Actually its further and the roads are not as nice I reckon)

So sing with me…

It’s a long way to the shop
If you wanna sausage roll….


(Of course if I want a sausage roll I’ll have to make it but sometimes in life the one thing you want is a [possibly gross] sausage roll or meat pie from somewhere like the bakery or the servo)


Yep its the topic for today. But before we get to it…

Last night you readers will be happy to know that I slept well… (if you’re in to reading all my posts).

Today I was looking at the clock and realised that I had been up for 6 hours and it’s only 10:30. Woo Hoo

And there I am running round the kitchen with a big grin on my face for no particular reason. That new son on the radio by Pharrell Williams is a good song.

And now to topic for today.

I was thinking the yesterday afternoon, and no it did not hurt. And by thinking I actually like to describe it as talking in my head with the understanding that there is in fact an audience.

And I came to the realisation that I am no longer a professional bum-wiper. I am not a disability support worker. I do not have to see other peoples private parts on a daily basis. And this is good (for me).

I irony is I’m actually in contact with more poo than when I was a caseworker. It’s just changed to cow poo instead and I’m mostly not handling it with my own hands. Let’s face it them poddies definitely  are able to open their bowels… anywhere they please.

Anyway the other part to this small revelation came at dinner time. Yeah the TV is on but the conversation was lively last night and we talked about water levels, weather, work, horses, who’s moved where, and movies. No poo. No yakking about the need to fix things for the less able and no talk about not having a good paying job.

And can I also say cow poo is an odour one can live with. Human poo esp the stuff I was dealing with last year is unbearably more stinky by comparison.

I’m a Station Cook!

Water systems for when there is not much on the land but plenty under it.
Water systems for when there is not much on the land but plenty under it.

I drew this yesterday. It is a stylised  interpretation of a water bore, windmill and turkey nest (mini dam).

Sleep evades me…

Last night, I had a shower and hopped into bed at 8:00 pm. At 9:00 pm I was still lying there hoping to sleep. Pretty sure I went to sleep soon after that but then at 2:00 am I was wide awake and did not go back to sleep.

Don’t tell me to turn off the communication devices they were off.

So there I was, in the kitchen getting stuff cooked for brekky thinking today is going to be a long one.  In which case a simple meal of tuna slop is a good idea for getting to bed before 8 tonight.

Dad, we do bimonthly bulk orders. And last night Narda and Steve made it home just in time to do a Min Min order which will arrive next saturday. The workers have worked out that I do a weekly meal plan and put it on the side of the fridge. I put it there so I don’t lose it or forget it in the cottage. They were getting a sneak peek and seemed please with something on there….


Monday Monday…

It was cool this morning, a breezy 23*C which is cooler out than in when the kitchen air con is on (It is set to 25* -no touchy the controls).

With Hayden and Sarah now here, I cooked for 5 for brekkie.

Steak with thick gravy, Spagetti and eggs on toast.

I then went into crazy bake mode: I made a hummingbird cake, a cherry and coconut slice and an assortment of biscuits that from 3 lots of dough that have been in the fridge for a week waiting for folks to arrive.

Lunch was nothing special and I skipped it altogether on account of testing all the stuff I was baking. But while we were eating, Ron radioed in to say the bridge is up to 2.5 metres. Now I have no idea where this water is flowing but I do know that everyone is super pleased about it even if it does mean clearing up dead cattle and reinstalling washed away fences.  The blokes also reckoned that the road in to Boulia would not be flooded. So we’re still expecting the others to come.

But regardless of the non-flooded status of the road in (as accounted for by Hayden who drove in Yesterday) the sign says the road is closed at the moment which means NO MAIL! (Unless Steve manages to pick it up on the way in.)

Corn beef tonight.




The last 4 or so days the flies have been numerous. I don’t feel there have been more of them however for some reason, I have consumed more of them. Thats right. I swallowed a fly…. or 6 of them.

You can sit outside and it is so hot sweat flows on your skin pretty quickly then starts to trickle down your skin in placed you never knew it could (like on your arms). But if the flies are particularly populated, there is no difference between the feeling of sweat running down your skin or a dozen flies walking along it.

A wide brim hat helps to keep the flies away from my face and so it is that as soon as there is a slightest bit of light (at 6:05) the hat is on not for the sun but for the flies.


Have you ever seen an orange jacaranda?


A storm last night


Wow. Here’s to more rain for us…

I figured on a sleep in today. I woke at 2am and heard  the strong winds outside, No worries! I can sleep thru that… then 10 mins after my alarm would go off normally, BANG! its a thunderstorm with a fair bit of rain in it.

I guess it lasted about 30 minutes (rain wise) and now it’s back to really strong winds. And amazing skies. And cooler weather.