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  • Moments

    There’s a lot on. And I have a back log of posts. But today is just to pretty not to share. Even if it’s via my iPhone. Morning skies on My way to feed my two poddies.  I suppose you don’t all know this: I got a poddy last Tuesday: I called him Bruce. Introducing […]

  • Intoxicatingly comforting smell of beef fat in the pan

    This morning, I am doing the prep work on an oxtail stew: I pan fry the fatty bones meat first before chucking it into the pot to cook fora couple of hours. And it smells amazing. Almost sweet. And even though vegetables are really important, I stand firm in my enjoyment of meat. It’s biblical! […]

  • The sensibilities in making sure every really is in order before mounting a horse

    Bet you think this a post about not making a girth strap tight enough… But no! There was this mad woman out across the paddock on her trusty noble stead. Doing the usual exercise routine of walking, then trotting and cantering. But something wasn’t quite right! She was ranting and raving and carrying on! Loudly. […]

  • Yarding Bulls and looking upon 3000 weaners

    Thursday 9th June A snapshot of the afternoon.  Today was a great day. Well I hardly remember the morning; this is all about the afternoon. I was able to be useful. I just happened to have an ideal bit of “material” lying in my car that was just perfect for a horse problem. It hard to […]

  • Meat loaf tip

    Line a smaller loaf rum with baking paper. Put your loaf mix in. Bake for 10 mins on moderate. Or a bit more if you want… Turn loaf out onto baking tray. Bake some more Cover with glaze of choice… Mine is worstershire and tomato sauce. Allow to sit for 45 mins.

  • OMG! its omg.

    So the boss lady get recipes from Facebook friends and if she likes the look of them, she gives it to me as suggestion. There was one called choc honeycomb slice. I was to “just use some Chrunchie from the canteen”. But there was none. And no condensed milk either. So I left it.  I […]

  • Corned beef

    This station cooks guide to awesome corned beef. (In the opinion of the cook at least) Take one nice looking preboiled piece of corned beef out of the freezer on Saturday, put it in the cool room. On Monday at 2:15, after your little break, say “Grrr” or equivalent when you detect that the darned […]

  • Meal planning

    Here is my menu for this week ending. I imagine in 3-6 months I won’t need it at all but for now it is my time management aid. I firstly consider what fresh veggies I need to use up. (On the right) then I brainstorm meals I want to make and smoko ideas. Then I […]