Just so you all know, I am fine… but WA is in a bit of a bad way.




Day 2 #100dayschallenge

The internet can be a place where we get sucked into the worm hole of procrastination and distraction, a time numbing warp of nothing much. It gets me more often than I’d like to admit. 

The internet can also be an inspiring place. Every year there is a non specific group of humans who commit to engaging in a challenge known as the #100dayschallenge. The premise being that to become proficient at a task or activity we must do it repeatedly. Some paint, some draw others craft or play an instrument. Some event commit to reading books more. 


An update

In august, Parker and I made a quick dash down to Manjimup for a holiday. It was a snap decision made to fit in some time away before getting too caught up in the remaining farm work.

Since then, Nola has had puppies, I had a lovely birthday, I started a new job in Goomalling, and I’m madly trying to get some art and dry good bulk supple business off the ground on top of moving residence from the shed to the shipping box.


Thursday… finally a “day to myself”…

Bahahahahah! Yeah right!

Naturally, things that I might think will take a short time take three times longer and at 2 pm I gave up on the water collection and moved on the the next task for the day: Sewing. I did some alterations to some mens shirts. I hav found it’s cheaper to but mens flannel shirts, get some extra flannel from Spot light and insert a “gusset” into the sides cos I have hips and guys general don’t…. and apparently women don’t need to be warm. Suddenly Wham! the day is done and I’m scrambling to get dinner made for the chef, put Lam-Lambs away and stay warm.


My race home against the internal land division closures in Western Australia

Way back in march, I was out through a fairly anxious time due to the unfolding pandemic. I recorded my thoughts and feeling and have decided to self publish them here:

I took on an 8 week stint at Mount House station in the Kimberley. I’m recently married and living and working on our farm in the Wheatbelt. However, no employment for a year left us deciding to let me give station cooking in a relief capacity a go. Finding the Mount House job was a God-send.


12th August 2020

A day of educating a cat on how to travel in a little car like a dog.
My sister and I went to town to pick up a package, we also went shopping and tried the vegan rebel whopper. The pets came with….

I bought Nola a bundle new bouncy balls. she is obsessed with them.


11th -the weekly farm regeneration day

It was a special day today, a long awaited project was started in the salt patch. A solution of Worm Poo tea was sprayed into the tree area with the hope that is will kick start the soil microbes and we will see a general improvement of the area. We are hoping to improve the plant carrying capacity of the two and a half hectares with a view to using the mini paddock as emergency stock feed. The aim is to be able to have lots of fodder bushes and grasses and a general reversal of the salt scalding. By planting the various varieties of salt bush, we hope that the area will never revert back to being salty either. Then the soil microbes can get to work in keeping the less salt tolerant plants alive like gum trees, tree lucerne and grasses.


We’re in a rain event so we thought we’d spend a day working sheep….

10th August 2020

Maybe it wasn’t raining ALL day. But waves of rain clouds kept rolling on by, drenching us before clearing to sunshine, then rain over again.
We recorded 29mm yesterday. There’ll be more to record today too. This creeks are gushing. The ground is squelching. Its Oilskin time for both of us.