Porridge in my cake.

Yep you read right.
A chocolate cake with porridge in it.


Yummo. If you’re in my immediate family, the closest thing we’ve had to this cake would be the ginger slab cake recipe I asked for a week or so ago.

Ingredients: (and instructions)
In a pot, stir and bring to boil:
1cup water
120g butter
2 tbsn cocoa powder
½ cup oats
1 ½ cups brown sugar.
When it comes to boil turn heat off. Add:
1tsp soda BiCarb
Stir it. You’ll see it foam up. Allow it to cool. Once cool enough to stick ya finger in, add:
1 cup self raising flour
2 eggs already beaten
Now mix it all up and chuck it in a cake tin. I used a 25 cm square one with baking paper. Cook in a 180* C oven until skewer comes out clean. (It took 45 mins for mine. But original recipe says 30)

This is a moist springy dense sweet cake that I’m now itching to try with tinned cherries. And cream.


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