Day 18 #100daychallenge

I’m calling another break day. It would appear that my Mondays are so big that my resolve to conduct this challenge is rocked for the Monday Tuesday and possibly a bit of the Wednesday night as well.

Unfortunately I have had three rather large days two of which have been at the Roadhouse. Couple with the large days throw in some very hot Australian summer days and me being tired and the farmer been insanely busy I find myself struggling to donate 10 minutes even of my time to the creative business pursuits. I have had some very big ideas that I’m exploring and some very big compliments that point to myself being a very responsible adult. I am a reliable team member, I am helping to build up all the team members. Those two tasks require lots of social energy from me. And my brain is working incredibly hard on processing numbers and data that it does not need to process like; of all things, the Covid numbers coming out of America. Why? Because my brain likes numbers. The question that I then have to ask myself is am I feeding my brain well enough? Should I go and get more education? And why not?

Enter two lambs who are in need of medical attention: One limpy and one hoppy. Should I get an education in veterinary science to help fix these two lambs? Or am I better off getting some education in the area of mathematics/statistics. I don’t know.

Limpy (previously LambLam or one of the Stew-its)

So on Wednesday afternoon after work, I raced to the swimming pool so that I could do my 40 laps in the pool, which equates to 1 km (just in case you needed to know). The aim being to process some of all that pent up consideration. Naturally I check the mail on the way home from the pool and picked up these three shirts. So I suddenly realised I had fulfilled my task for the blog and the challenge as these shirts will be having the circle skirt put on them in hopes that I can send them to my niece and get good photos to further the “dressmaking” business.






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