Day 9 #100daychallenge

Ok. I’m using my get out of jail free card for the week. Every week, I set aside just a small bit of money as savings for buying the items/gear/stuff for my hopeful business. I’m saving for way too many things on this particular tiny savings fund: a shipping container, office space on the farm, printers, fabrics and shirts. Way too many things.

So why am I not blogging over on paperthumbtack today? I record it here cos it’s not really art stuff but it still counts as part of the challenge. 100 days of trying to progress my business dreams. I have a few ideas.

More recently, I’ve asked myself if I can resell upcycled rubbish.

Like a catering size mayonnaise container, cleaned up and sold as bulk food storage containers for flour in a small family kitchen.

Or a 12Lwaterbottle that becomes a slow release water dripped as shown below.

Anyway, these are all part of the challenge. I was just too busy to draw today running mad with a bumper day at work and a trip to the grocery afterwards.






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