Thursday… finally a “day to myself”…

Bahahahahah! Yeah right!

First thing is utilise as much of the miniscule amount of sunshine we’ve had this week to get some bore water. Two loads for the tank as a back up for next week, and a third for spraying next Tuesday.

Naturally, things that I might think will take a short time take three times longer and at 2 pm I gave up on the water collection and moved on the the next task for the day: Sewing. I did some alterations to some mens shirts. I hav found it’s cheaper to but mens flannel shirts, get some extra flannel from Spot light and insert a “gusset” into the sides cos I have hips and guys general don’t…. and apparently women don’t need to be warm. Suddenly Wham! the day is done and I’m scrambling to get dinner made for the chef, put Lam-Lambs away and stay warm.

Getting the other side of the lambs to herd them into the yards.
The oats are taller than the dog
Rock-it demanding her dinner immediately: it was carrots.

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