We’re in a rain event so we thought we’d spend a day working sheep….

10th August 2020

Water everywhere

Maybe it wasn’t raining ALL day. But waves of rain clouds kept rolling on by, drenching us before clearing to sunshine, then rain over again.
We recorded 29mm yesterday. There’ll be more to record today too. This creeks are gushing. The ground is squelching. Its Oilskin time for both of us.

Walking the sheep up the fence line with the quad
sheep hanging as far form us as possible in the sheep pen.
they really didn’t believe us when we said they were to go into the yards

Why did we work sheep today?
I need to take about thirty to the sale yards. drop of is on Monday, sale is on Tuesday. So it had to be done or wait a week.
We were pretty drenched afterwards including dog who was both drenched and covered in sloppy sheep poo. She got a quick shower before being allowed in the car and consequently the tiny house.

It was good to get the sheep off to market. it sure took a lot longer to get sorted than we would have liked. So we had half roast chicken for dinner as I was too late home to do a full roast.

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