7th, 8th, 9th of August

Or I got a job! However, I get ahead of myself.

Friday: The farmer loaded the ute early today and I did a load of washing in the old machine with the old generator on.
Parker has managed to sell sixty bags of wheat this week. That’s a ton and a half. So this ute is definitely earning its keep

I’m almost living in my wool poncho at the moment, Thought I’d capture a record of how long my hair is when wet.

Ok so its only one day a week for now, however its a start.
Also it’s working with my sister so we can car share to work. Very cool. This was the sunrise at work. I made a special: savoury or sweet scones. Cos I make good scones.

It’s a wet day . Rain came falling softly on the tiny house. The loudest feature of the rain was the water gushing from the gutter next to our bedroom as we haven’t yet got tank to collect rainwater.

I enjoyed a morning on bed. Yep, on bed.the warmest, driest, and lightest lite place to be is in the bedroom, so there I sat and relaxed after a big day of work after a recently healing back injury. I am learning the art of healing times. The Farmer wandered up to his shed to use it in its originally intended function: a dry place to work on vehicles and farm stuff.

But alas my rest was shortened by an emergency call from a stranded damsel in distress and I was called to the heroics of big sisterhood along with her cat and my dog to get her car started and home once more.

It was then we discovered that the tiny house is definitely quieter than the shed. What a crazy idea that was… what idea? the notion we had of joining a family Zoom session on the Big Mac computer in the shed. Do you think we could hear any of it? not really. But it was nice to catch up with our siblings.

Not much else to report regarding Sunday other than were up to 17mm in the gauge with no sense of the raining coming to an end yet. I’ll give you the final measure tomorrow’s reading.

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