4th & 5th August…

I rise this morning mildly disappointed that today will not be the usual land care day: the family have another task to see to and so we are not planting, watering or spreading straw today on the quad bike. Not to worry! I head down to the tiny house to play with the shelves in the newly painted bedroom.

Then I take the quad bike for a spin anyway: all the cardboard from those shelves will be laid down in the salt patch as one more way to cover the hard, crusty baked and unloved land. We then add soil and straw over top. We hope this will help hold some moisture in the summer time.

I thought I’d share my current view when blogging. A big beautiful tree over yonder and a wide open shed door. I’m also freezing…

Yesterday’s canola field with blue sky

Nola and I went for a cuppa with a local friend. She lives diagonal farms away but 10 mins drive. Nola knows the trip well and insists on being allowed to run up the drive way to greet the dogs ahead of my arrival.

Just look at those trees.

Did a job trial today…. more to follow.

Oh! And due to the fact that Parker and I made it home so “early” (and yeah all I really mean is that the sun was still up), we made the crazy decision to move our bed into the new bedroom.

excuse the untidy bed, but here we have a double bed hard up against the back wall. Its cool in here but there is no breezes or drafts.

Sweet Dreams everybody.

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