Dinner for brekky for two or more

The pastry chef works in her cafe and they publish photos like this one above. It’s nice to be able to match the photo standard at least of such an award winning little food joint. After bragging about my delicious breakfast to my middlest sister, I got stuck into the food, gobbling up the tucker. My priorities are in place for sure.

This morning I made the farmer a hearty breakfast of last weeks dinner veggies into fritters, served on a bed of leafy greens (which he opted out of and I doubled in on), topped with a cheese sauce made from leftover spinach dip and a spoon of tomatoes relish.

Veggie fritters


2-3 cups vegetables*

2 eggs

1 cup self raising flour

Milk to make it sloppy wet (probably ½ cup)

Oil in fry pan.


  1. Dice your veggie. They need to be approximately 1 cm cubed.
  2. Add eggs and stir. The mixture should be just wet and all veggie cover with an egg coat. Not too much left in the bottom of the bowl
  3. Add flour. Mix in. It’s pretty dry in there and a bit clumpy
  4. Add milk a dash at a time till the mix is wet and sloppy
  5. Fry the fritters in a not too hot frypan with oil and flip. While the next batch are cooking, rest the first ones on some paper towel or a cotton tea towel.

You now can get stuck into a hearty brekky, lunch or light supper of just fritters and relish/chutney or keep going for that shareable photo moment. The Instagram photo shoot.

Cheese sauce: heat through some creamy dip and add shredded cheese til it melts. Ooze it over your fritter.

*Today I used roasted sweet potatoes and carrots, raw diced cabbage, cauliflower and zucchini, and threw in some shallots.

Tips for self raising flour:

1 ½ teaspoons baking powder

½ teaspoon soda bicarbonate

1 cup plain flour

= no worries mate!

Side note. I used biodynamic flour today and I feel less bloated than normal.

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