21st May 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a PIANOLA!

Parker and I had the brilliant idea that acoustic music would be the best thing for a country wedding…. “no wait, we need a piano and someone to play it”…. “ahh even better we need a pianola then anyone can make music for our celebration”.

That was October last year.

Parker has wanted a pianola in his home for a long time. So here was a perfect reason to at least try and get one.

We’ve been quietly looking for one on Gumtree and such but they are quite a tricky thing to acquire it turns out.

However on Sunday Parker’s uncle contacted us (in a very round about way) with news that he could possibly bid on one at auction.

Go go go! we said and at the end of the day we were informed we were the proud owners of a probably 1910 pianola!

And today we got it home.

It’s heavy!

Meanwhile, Solomon found a comfy spot today.

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