There is no such thing as normal. We all know  that. However I have a routine emerging:

Allow me to start with Tuesday: “Cook”  7am -11am breakfast, 7-11 style sandwiches, fruit platter, fresh baked pie, tons of washing up and clean up, restock staff fridge… so far I’ve been lucky to get out before 12 noon.  Break time and I go have a snooze. Then back in for the next stint. “Kitchenhand” 5 pm- close. So heaps more dishes, plate up entrees, prep salads, generally do as I’m asked by the Chef. Sweep and mop the floor when it’s all over. 

Wednesday is BBQ night and in the interest of actually publishing a blog post, I’ll describe that later. 

Thursday: as Tuesday 

Friday: as Tuesday 

Saturday: Tuesday, am only

Sunday: as Tuesday 

Monday: day off woo hoo!!!!

Preparing breakfast supplies







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