I am not a scrapbook girl and why home based businesses are a very good idea. 

But I love using scrapbooking products.

This week I will be using this lovely planner layout. 

I’ve watercoloured the floral image, cut a piece of Bo Bunny Kiss the Cook scrap paper to size and applied some chalkboard MT Tape and used a uniball white pen for the lettering.

I’ve also had time to create the next week too: 

This page is constructed from a variety of pieces: BoBunny Kiss the Cook Paper on the left with MT Masking Tape and Simple Stories Posh Planner Stickers on the right is more posh stickers with a simple stories I Heart Summer page. The beauty of this layout is that it was made possible by a wonderful little home based business Crafty Pleasres on the Central Coast of New South Wales. 

Home based businesses are a very good idea. Especially in the Scrapbooking industry. If you go to stores in Australia that stock products similar to what I’m using you’ll end up in Officeworks, Spotlight, Kikki-K or a small shop like the recently closed Fantasia Papercraft  store that has gone online exclusivsly… And what these businesses all have in common is the drive to shift stock and to carefully stock a wide enough range that is sellable and caters to their customer base. In the case of Officeworks and Kikki-K, it’s aimed at the more professional planner users: nice clean lined pages for appointments and contacts. Spotlight stock almost exclusively Kaisercraft gear and unknown brands. Fantasia and its kind of shop stock the kind of paper I’m using above however their overhead costs are so high: the products are mostly american, the rent on the shop is high and the scrapbook market in Oz just isn’t what USA has… And we are a fickle market… our tastes change and because its a hobby our cash can dry up pretty fast as the cost of living increases.

Enter the hobby backyard business. No rent cost: just a room in the house or shed or garage or even a cupboard in the living room. No pressure to perform. Just a lovely lady looking to create a space to allow for creativity, stocking things she thinks are pretty and worth having and a drive to get a great deal. And most Importantly to me, No need to jettison stock after 6 months.

Its what makes pages like this possible. ‘I Heart Summer” collection was so 2013… Posh stickers were early 2016. And the Kiss the Cook paper is at least 6 months old. All of which would have been moved on if at a standard store. And here in this lovely crafty space I was able to bring together bits and pieces across time and design houses that complimented each other beautifully. I’m really pleased with how my page turned out. And I’m looking forward to using it!

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