I’m on my way 

I departed the southern outstation on Saturday morning. Picked up a bit of gear in Mt. Isa like a belt and some camping gear and food for healthy snacking in the car. 

Not sure why my dog is pulling a face… she actually likes being just there while I drive. Better views and more air conditioning.

It took me 3 days to work out what to do. That meant I could do everything I might’ve in town. So I found myself with not much left on my list of things to acquire and kicked out of town early. Off to Cloncurry and beyond. 

I pulled up to camp on the Northside of McKinlay. 

What this lovely photo doesn’t tell you about it the crazy mad mosquito factor and the heat that never left. 

Anyway I’m in Winton now catching up with friends. So that means a super comfy lounge, a cool night and a shower. 

Winton really is a beautiful place: it’s a place where it’s mostly flat… except for these remnant rock formations scattered across the countryside. 

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