Mobbed by the bubbas

I now have 5 poddies to love and feed. That makes feeding time tricky because there is absolutely no concept of “turn taking” or “I’m full now”. Also, two know how to walk through steel fences.

There’s Frankie at the front, Lola behind him. They are both stud poddies. Hence the ear tags   Way back behind both of them is the newest acquisition; Soren Lorenson. He’s not much younger or small than my first three fellas. He’s a lovely grey colour which makes him look like a ghost sort of. 
Yesterday afternoon, a coworker set up a very big blow up kiddies pool. So I sat in ten relaxing water for an hour or so. It was so good to be able to relax like that. I miss being able to do that at the local pool. Might have to look into a portable bathtub.

A lot has happened here at my station. The manager has moved on very suddenly this month. And so I am quite uncertain what my future holds given I don’t what the new management will be like. I have canceled my holiday just in case I suddenly need the insurance.

There is a fair amount of anxiety and tension that goes with having a void in leadership. We each are doing our best to do our job. But there have been tricky moments when someone steps out of line and I’m left thinking “you wouldn’t have done that if Boss Man was here.” Everything in me is geared towards just surviving Melbourne cup day when the VIP of the company make a rockstar tour of the station.

Those poddies, whilst being pests, are my lifesavers just presently. For with them I find peace from the turmoil. They are what this place is all about and they are the reason I am proud to say I’m a station cook.  For without the cattle there is no station.

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