It’s 7:00 and there’s 8kgs of beef freashly minced. Now to vac pac it and set it in the freezer. Onto the Apple and date cake, French toast, beef and bacon, gravy tomatoes, tin spaghetti, poached egg (which I don’t like cooking actually) by 8:30 oh and untangle the dog.

Call em Shawn

I don’t speak sheep. This weekend was the weekend that we have been building towards. So yards are getting built. The shade cloth was going up. The shed was getting finalised. All because out in the paddock were some fairly woolly animals that were in need of attention. Parker has a nice handful of sheep… Continue reading Call em Shawn

Guess how much I love you…

“Love you more than a toilet” I’m sitting in the second hand (verge rubbish collection) lounge in front of a glorious fire that Parker built in his bushmans stove saved from a renovation and now installed in his shed. I’m warm enough although it’s definitely wool jumper weather: forcasts of 3 °C overnight and: frozen… Continue reading Guess how much I love you…

A dome

Saw a video on Facebook and decided to give it a go: A roll of packing plastic wrap and a couple lengths of conduit from Bunnings were acquired and finally a bit of sunshine and time. This is what we turned out: It was a fun little project to attempt with my Parker, and while… Continue reading A dome