It’s 7:00 and there’s 8kgs of beef freashly minced. Now to vac pac it and set it in the freezer. Onto the Apple and date cake, French toast, beef and bacon, gravy tomatoes, tin spaghetti, poached egg (which I don’t like cooking actually) by 8:30 oh and untangle the dog.

Constructing piesĀ 

Ready made pie cases and lids are ordered in by the box.  Chef makes delicious fillings I put the two together and bake them for sale in the little pie warmer out front.  K for kangaroo  Strip of herbs for a scrumptious chicken and mushroom.  And lamb curry.  The other day was chorizo and beans… Continue reading Constructing piesĀ 

Plate up

No i didn’t make it. I plated it.  I did make the salad. 


There is no such thing as normal. We all know  that. However I have a routine emerging: Allow me to start with Tuesday: “Cook”  7am -11am breakfast, 7-11 style sandwiches, fruit platter, fresh baked pie, tons of washing up and clean up, restock staff fridge… so far I’ve been lucky to get out before 12… Continue reading Work