I made four kinds of pizza for chip night. Tandoori chicken, with spinach and cream cheese BBQ meat lovers Hawaiian Pepperoni Just look at the long tongue. That was one hot Nola.

Beef Chow Mein

Imagine you have a $1 coin in your hand but it’s an invisible ring that you can stuff full of uncooked spaghetti…. Well you want that much. Cook it, shred 2.5 inches of cabbage, slice lengthways an onion. Find a handful of crushed peanuts. Have leftover, cooked beef on hand. Like pineapple beef. (Sauceless if… Continue reading Beef Chow Mein

A Slice of Manchester Tart

While I don’t Station Cook anymore, I still have a baking session most weekends. My Parker and I like to have homemade goodies for work lunches. It’s my way for keeping good food in the tucker box and avoiding the chips and lollies. My work colleagues finally started noticing some of the more fancying looking… Continue reading A Slice of Manchester Tart


There is no such thing as normal. We all know  that. However I have a routine emerging: Allow me to start with Tuesday: “Cook”  7am -11am breakfast, 7-11 style sandwiches, fruit platter, fresh baked pie, tons of washing up and clean up, restock staff fridge… so far I’ve been lucky to get out before 12… Continue reading Work