Cousins and Jazz!

I like to watch a specific TV show with my specific cousin Ruth. But I’m not on station so I was able to watch it with her this time. 

We ate lovely food, we scrapped, we shopped, we even ducked up to my Auntys for birthday cake. And we talked and talked and talked. 

Meanwhile, Kelsie and Jazz the kelpie played and rumbled  and chased until they were tired. 

The big Trampoline(s)

My brother called me up. He was bored. Too much rain and some spare time on his hands. So Aaron, Cathy and bubba Alee Boo came over so that Rose and I could join them for an hour of fun on the trampolines in Castle Hill. The kid like the bouncy bouncy. 

She liked to run away too.  And it’s harder to get out of that foam pit than I remember as a kid. 

Everyone had a go. 

Off to the city

Why not. A trip to see the big book shops and get some watercolour paints for me. 

Fell in love with the big book on baking, I wanted it but prudently waited til I got home and got one mailed out. Better than lugging it back out to the suburbs I think. 

It was absolutely lovely to be able to spend time with Rose looking at things we both love. 

And here’s a cute photo of a very trusting and obedient Kelsie dog. 

Holidays amusement. 


An app where people advertise tasks they need done. And people like me can bid to get paid to do it. 
So I did. I delivered 3000 flyers to castle hill: 

And then a hair brained ideas came up to drive to just south of Brisbane to pick up a cool looking trailer for Old Mate in Kellyville. 
All for something to do and a bit of cash to earn while sitting in Baulkham Hills doing not much.