tourism on one good foot

Kelsie and I were very blest to be able to get out and about a bit this past few days. I can’t actually work full steam on my foot yet so we had a few extra days off scattered in my roster. It was time to get out and explore a bit more and be lazy about it to aid foot recovery: we took the troopy. I had a bit of help with the driving too as I’m not keen on clutch use yet. I was the co-pilot this whole adventure.

A walking marker and green flecked rock near Welcome Minethe ochre wall

gold mine

kelsie dogCooper Smelter in the middle of nowhere, installed by the government, not made correctly then not ever used… just goes to show that we are not that much worse at spending money wastefully than before. #NBNisntallthattheysaiditwouldbe

Bollabollana Spring

If you zoom in to the centre of this photo you will see Kelsie up a mountainside. She really thinks she’s a mountain goat. Absolutely no fear there and I stand down the bottom hoping she can get down cos I currently can’t get up at all. 
This place is just an incredible story of upheaval. Lake Frome Lookout on the Station Backtrack. Where our communications come in, and the best lookout you can get to in a troopy. Of course you could pay for a better one on the Ridge Top Tour.Some fascinating trees have grown here in spite of the harsh conditions.

I have a great Troopy. I had a great time having a look around.

The end

As of yesterday afternoon, I am no longer a station cook. The time and crisis point had come my way and the best option was to resign and move forward. So we Will see some changes to this blog!

I spent my first night of unemployment at Avon police station catching up with a great friend. I and my dad were very grateful for a delicious home cooked meal, a shower and a real bed. It was important to recharge a little in light of the stressful few days I’ve had before starting the long trek home.

Swimming in the Playford


The Playford River is running over the road.


And so some afternoons we go down to swim in the river. Or sit or float in a truck inner tube…

DSC_0308Kelsie is not so good at rivers. She is far too enthusiastic. Wont stay in the shallows where she can swim… no! has to be out with me where the current is strongest. And I end up having to hold a dog.


There’s a lot on. And I have a back log of posts.

But today is just to pretty not to share. Even if it’s via my iPhone.

Morning skies on My way to feed my two poddies. 

I suppose you don’t all know this: I got a poddy last Tuesday: I called him Bruce.

Introducing poddy number 2. A stud fella called Frankie. Acquired him on Thursday 
Bruce needs 3 times a day feeds and Frankie needs 2.