Call em Shawn

I don’t speak sheep. This weekend was the weekend that we have been building towards. So yards are getting built. The shade cloth was going up. The shed was getting finalised. All because out in the paddock were some fairly woolly animals that were in need of attention. Parker has a nice handful of sheep… Continue reading Call em Shawn

Cousins and Jazz!

I like to watch a specific TV show with my specific cousin Ruth. But I’m not on station so I was able to watch it with her this time.  We ate lovely food, we scrapped, we shopped, we even ducked up to my Auntys for birthday cake. And we talked and talked and talked.  Meanwhile,… Continue reading Cousins and Jazz!

I’m on my way 

I departed the southern outstation on Saturday morning. Picked up a bit of gear in Mt. Isa like a belt and some camping gear and food for healthy snacking in the car.  It took me 3 days to work out what to do. That meant I could do everything I might’ve in town. So I… Continue reading I’m on my way 


My story: we had a fair bit going on at the station. There were cattle to process, and an AI program to continue with. We were down to a handful of staff and suddenly found ourselves short alone critical afternoon. So the interim manager assigned the book keeper and the station cook to the care… Continue reading Backyards 

Mickey T

Introducing Mickey Thompson Herd bull calf, found under a trough.  Also this is Moses. He’s a stud fella. 

The weekend draws near 

The weekend draws near and I am very ready to play with my latest collection of washi tape, to pack a few boxes just in case and to generally not be in the kitchen.  Butcher’s pig has had 7 piglets. So we will be having pork on the menu soon. 

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Mobbed by the bubbas

I now have 5 poddies to love and feed. That makes feeding time tricky because there is absolutely no concept of “turn taking” or “I’m full now”. Also, two know how to walk through steel fences. There’s Frankie at the front, Lola behind him. They are both stud poddies. Hence the ear tags   Way… Continue reading Mobbed by the bubbas

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Early Wet

They predicted an early wet. It’s looking pretty green around here. It’s so exciting to see the change of colour from orange and red and yellow to Blue and grey and green. My poddies are doing well although Bruce is a little finicky. And look what I found in the wash bay. A sunflower! Fancy… Continue reading Early Wet


There’s a lot on. And I have a back log of posts. But today is just to pretty not to share. Even if it’s via my iPhone. Morning skies on My way to feed my two poddies.  I suppose you don’t all know this: I got a poddy last Tuesday: I called him Bruce. Introducing… Continue reading Moments