Side bars part two 

Thursday 9th March. 

Manufacturer the brackets to mount the side bars. (One naked troopy) Remove the existing side step and generally eat Alexandrian dirt. 

Friday 10th (are we done yet?)

Eat more dirt construct the plates to weld onto the bars so that I’m not using fencing wire to hold the bar to the brackets 

Officially all manufacturing is complete. No more cutting or welding required! Hooray!!!!


Putty and paint day. 

An extra trip to Bunnings cos I ran out of paint too. So I let the paint set overnight 

Sunday 12th march. 

Final product shot: and a few lessons for dad on how he’ll do it in his if he gets a land cruiser one day. 

Side bars part one

Friday 3rd March.

A trip to the awesome guys at EdCon to by steel 12 m of 40 mm pipe

Saturday 4th March

Bend pipe to fit the car. Apparently my bull bar has scoliosis!

Sunday: nothing much on account of the welding PPE not being up to scratch. So we are delayed til…

Monday: welding! Oh and pork roll for lunch. An important tradition when I visit Sydney…

A chaise

Found a bed up the dump (woollies). 

Shrunk the bed, added the ‘side’ and the mesh to make the new back. 

Lots of welding, cutting and grinding. 

All extra material is sourced from woollies also. 

Back into the full swing of work and exercise tomorrow so I’ll paint it later. And find some cushions too.