tourism on one good foot

Kelsie and I were very blest to be able to get out and about a bit this past few days. I can’t actually work full steam on my foot yet so we had a few extra days off scattered in my roster. It was time to get out and explore a bit more and be lazy about it to aid foot recovery: we took the troopy. I had a bit of help with the driving too as I’m not keen on clutch use yet. I was the co-pilot this whole adventure.

A walking marker and green flecked rock near Welcome Minethe ochre wall

gold mine

kelsie dogCooper Smelter in the middle of nowhere, installed by the government, not made correctly then not ever used… just goes to show that we are not that much worse at spending money wastefully than before. #NBNisntallthattheysaiditwouldbe

Bollabollana Spring

If you zoom in to the centre of this photo you will see Kelsie up a mountainside. She really thinks she’s a mountain goat. Absolutely no fear there and I stand down the bottom hoping she can get down cos I currently can’t get up at all. 
This place is just an incredible story of upheaval. Lake Frome Lookout on the Station Backtrack. Where our communications come in, and the best lookout you can get to in a troopy. Of course you could pay for a better one on the Ridge Top Tour.Some fascinating trees have grown here in spite of the harsh conditions.

I have a great Troopy. I had a great time having a look around.

And so begins another adventure 

Good morning to you all my faithful readers. 

I am in South Australia. I am At Arkaroola which is in the Flinders Ranges. 

I have me a job. Which is a blessing. 

By the time June came round, I began to think I’d be having my birthday with my family. And I thought that would be nice. I haven’t had a birthday cake since 2013. 

But as August crept closer, I began to think that the best birthday present for me this year would be a job. (I won’t be ridiculous and declare it he best present ever… because technically it’s not a present. But it’s nice to think of it as an appropriate birthday blessing). At that point, I had been getting an average of one shift a week from the factory. I’d be rostered for 3-4, but then an hour out they would cancel the shift. 

The story:

On Monday evening, I saw a post in a social forum for Troopcarriers. It was a guy saying how good his job is and how he’s remote and how there’s work available… I’ve been replying to everyone like than and so I sent my resume. 

Next morning, the manager rang me and we had an interview. She indicated the she knew of me from my involvement on a different social group for station cooks… 

So without further  a do, I took the job on the 22nd of august and began rushing round the greater Sydney area collecting my gear to chuck half in my car and half in mum’s house and  Spent time with my cousin. Also, I Navigated a heafty chest infection. Then Monday and yesterday, after a lovely birthday weekend, I drive 1900km to where I am now. 

Holidays amusement. 


An app where people advertise tasks they need done. And people like me can bid to get paid to do it. 
So I did. I delivered 3000 flyers to castle hill: 

And then a hair brained ideas came up to drive to just south of Brisbane to pick up a cool looking trailer for Old Mate in Kellyville. 
All for something to do and a bit of cash to earn while sitting in Baulkham Hills doing not much. 

I’m on my way 

I departed the southern outstation on Saturday morning. Picked up a bit of gear in Mt. Isa like a belt and some camping gear and food for healthy snacking in the car. 

Not sure why my dog is pulling a face… she actually likes being just there while I drive. Better views and more air conditioning.

It took me 3 days to work out what to do. That meant I could do everything I might’ve in town. So I found myself with not much left on my list of things to acquire and kicked out of town early. Off to Cloncurry and beyond. 

I pulled up to camp on the Northside of McKinlay. 

What this lovely photo doesn’t tell you about it the crazy mad mosquito factor and the heat that never left. 

Anyway I’m in Winton now catching up with friends. So that means a super comfy lounge, a cool night and a shower. 

Winton really is a beautiful place: it’s a place where it’s mostly flat… except for these remnant rock formations scattered across the countryside. 

Broken Hill

What’s in broken hill? 

For the brief time that I was there today, I saw a crazy mix of old and new, mining and country. I saw a well done up Main Street of town with interesting cafes and unexpected shops. I visited a great country shop called Outback Whips and Leather. And got me the shirts I’ve been trying to get since November 8th. 

I noticed a strange looking building on top of a clearly mined hill. (Looked like a ship). I saw more kinds of major stores (like big w and target. Luxuries we live without on the Barkly)

I saw kelpies and wrangler jeans and akubra hats mixed in with miner gear and a fair few persons on the NDIS. 

It’s a nice looking place Broken Hill, maybe one day I’ll visit there a little longer

Good morning again

From the eastern end of the Nullarbor.    

 Yesterday was a big drive in which we got caught out by the 2.5 hour jump forward, and splurged on a bucket of chips. 

I grabbed the box of chips and jumped in the car to continue down the road…. Oh no! Pulled over and made Nate get some sauce for the chips out of my esky: there were a tad bland.