Holidays amusement. 

Airtasker.  An app where people advertise tasks they need done. And people like me can bid to get paid to do it.  So I did. I delivered 3000 flyers to castle hill:  And then a hair brained ideas came up to drive to just south of Brisbane to pick up a cool looking trailer for… Continue reading Holidays amusement. 

I’m on my way 

I departed the southern outstation on Saturday morning. Picked up a bit of gear in Mt. Isa like a belt and some camping gear and food for healthy snacking in the car.  It took me 3 days to work out what to do. That meant I could do everything I might’ve in town. So I… Continue reading I’m on my way 

I’ve been everywhere man

   It’s a distinct sense of achievement being able to see that I have been a fair few places in this country. And now I have the souvenir to prove it. Two stickers I’d like to have are Esperance and Ceduna. 

Greater Sydney basin

I have made it. I have finished the major drive for a while. The time is here for visiting family and friends, going to the beach and doing I hope not very much.  Wishing you all a lovely December… It will likely be a while before I post again. 


   I have seen the dish! Got a selfie. Yay!

Broken Hill

What’s in broken hill?  For the brief time that I was there today, I saw a crazy mix of old and new, mining and country. I saw a well done up Main Street of town with interesting cafes and unexpected shops. I visited a great country shop called Outback Whips and Leather. And got me… Continue reading Broken Hill

Good morning again

From the eastern end of the Nullarbor.      Yesterday was a big drive in which we got caught out by the 2.5 hour jump forward, and splurged on a bucket of chips.  I grabbed the box of chips and jumped in the car to continue down the road…. Oh no! Pulled over and made Nate… Continue reading Good morning again