2020 Starts here

Welcome to a new year with a new set of organised blogs.
Just as a small bit of explanation, PaperThumbTack was originally acquired as a platform for my creative experiments. I got a life changing job on a station and used it to share all of the wonderful experiences with anyone interested.
I have come to a place where I wish to share both art and life on a much smaller farm. So Boots & Hat On has been made. And here it will stay: all things rural, remote living, farming, home style cooking, and Parker and his wife will be here.
All things art will there paperthumbtack

21st May 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a PIANOLA!

Parker and I had the brilliant idea that acoustic music would be the best thing for a country wedding…. “no wait, we need a piano and someone to play it”…. “ahh even better we need a pianola then anyone can make music for our celebration”.

That was October last year.

Parker has wanted a pianola in his home for a long time. So here was a perfect reason to at least try and get one.

We’ve been quietly looking for one on Gumtree and such but they are quite a tricky thing to acquire it turns out.

However on Sunday Parker’s uncle contacted us (in a very round about way) with news that he could possibly bid on one at auction.

Go go go! we said and at the end of the day we were informed we were the proud owners of a probably 1910 pianola!

And today we got it home.

It’s heavy!

Meanwhile, Solomon found a comfy spot today.

20th May 2019

Look who came flouncing back onto my journal pages.

It’s Grammy the skier, mermaid and diver, and wearer of overalls. So really it’s just me pretending to be old…

Parker and I need to do some serious planning tonight in the Perth hills so I traveled with him to his farm job and played with my art box. A box full of choices and I picked a couple of pencils and my old trusty journal. I need to practice thumb-nailing and sketching. However I was delighted to see Grammy appear in full action on my page thanks to a Skillshare class online.

Planning is apparently an important part of having a big reception party. We have lots of ideas to iron out and people to bring together as a team.

18th May 2019

I am home.

Home is peaceful. It’s definitely not perfect. There is a Antartic cold snap here. Iced fabric outside when I went use a tree.

I postal voted today. It was the most controlled and deliberate choice on the ballot paper I’ve ever made. Sure, I think all of those pollies in Canberra are out of touch. But I was able to make a personal choice and vote with direction. Most years I feel at a loss as to who to choose.

I ate brunch with my WA sister today. A beautiful meal of berry coolie, diced maple bacon and eggy crapes. Topped with cream and a cup of tea. We sat outside in the lovely sun.

Solomon didn’t like the visiting dogs so he scrambled out of reach.

I opened a care package from my Sydney sister. It had my rainbow jumper in so I was glad to put that on.

Then there was a quick bit of art to do.

There’s a lot of fun to be found in filling out a swatch card of a growing pencil collection. My sister and I are gradually growing each other’s art supplies with direction and purpose. Currently we both mostly want prismacolor premier pencils and copic markers.

Art is good for the soul. Family is too.

We are longing for rain on the farm. It’s the end of the summer and the cold is killing off the little grass that was here. We need new growth and for that we need rain.

We have prepared a place. The orchard at Brookdale farm will be place for remembering. So a tree will be planted over dog.

17th May 2019

Friday. I’m heading home.

I called for leave on personal grounds.

I need time to go home to the quiet and get better. Recharge the batteries. Find the resting place for dog.

So I’ve made the workers fish and chips for tea, organised their steak and cheese rolls for lunches. But then it’s clean up and go home.

I have the vege scraps for composting in the boot. I have my art box on the back seat. And I have my Parker beside me.

16th May 2019

Tears still flow.

If I’m really busy it does hurt much.

If I numb my mind I feel nothing.

This whole past week (7days or so) has been tough enough as it is. Just trying to put my head down and do as I’m required.

But now that dog is gone I’m cracking. And I can’t human.

I am still functioning but I’m getting tired faster.

And I need a quiet space.

I found a visually quiet space this afternoon though.

Dinner was steak. So the workers at least felt loved.

15th May 2019. The last day for Dog

It’s a sad day indeed when I have to share with all my family and friends that my companion dog has died in a car accident.

She wasn’t just my dog. She was everyone’s dog. Ready to be the best dog to everyone she met (except maybe the station butcher).

She was a true dog of dogs. A companion. A cattle dog. A sheep dog in training. A cat’s best playmate. And a dog who sort to bring a smile to many more people than I in the past 5 years.

I am surprised at how hard this hurts. But it definitely does right now.