I made four kinds of pizza for chip night. Tandoori chicken, with spinach and cream cheese BBQ meat lovers Hawaiian Pepperoni Just look at the long tongue. That was one hot Nola.

Beef Chow Mein

Imagine you have a $1 coin in your hand but it’s an invisible ring that you can stuff full of uncooked spaghetti…. Well you want that much. Cook it, shred 2.5 inches of cabbage, slice lengthways an onion. Find a handful of crushed peanuts. Have leftover, cooked beef on hand. Like pineapple beef. (Sauceless if… Continue reading Beef Chow Mein

Corned beef brine

One thing that has been good about coming to the station; increasing my experience bush butchering. Today I made Corning brine ready for some silverside and brisket. 18 Litres of warm water, 12 cups salt, 6 cups brown sugar and ¼ preservative. Parker and I are looking forward to one day Corning our own meat.


It’s 7:00 and there’s 8kgs of beef freashly minced. Now to vac pac it and set it in the freezer. Onto the Apple and date cake, French toast, beef and bacon, gravy tomatoes, tin spaghetti, poached egg (which I don’t like cooking actually) by 8:30 oh and untangle the dog.


My story: we had a fair bit going on at the station. There were cattle to process, and an AI program to continue with. We were down to a handful of staff and suddenly found ourselves short alone critical afternoon. So the interim manager assigned the book keeper and the station cook to the care… Continue reading Backyards 

Mickey T

Introducing Mickey Thompson Herd bull calf, found under a trough.  Also this is Moses. He’s a stud fella.