27th May 2020

Good morning Wednesday! It’s a fresh brigh and early morning. And we are taking the seeder to the other farm to sow the wheat seed
the oats are all in. And they’ve had a Drink too
Rock-it and Cowpurnia would like you all to know that there actually isn’t sufficient feed about yet, that they are hungry, inspite of the bale in their pen still uneaten, and all of the green shots along the creek line.
Nola giving them a talking to…
A hearty lunch to cope with incessant waves of rain. Not much in the gauge but always damp about. Chicken noodle soup and curried cabbage and zucchini

26th May 2020

Today was another first. We have been in restricted living for a while now. However, finally the family was able to come to the farm to plant some saltbush and prune some big ones for the sheep to eat.
Saltbush is a good stock feed. So this year the aim is to get 200 into the ground!

24th May 2020

Trip to the shops with Sebastian the cat (sisters cat not mine)
we had a major dust storm
it’s raining!!!! Hooray!
Sunday roast lunch
In the evening I let the cattle out of their small paddock so they can get some shelter. It has been super windy and dusty all day and the rain is icy. They need to be able to shelter in the storm or I risk them becoming sick from exposure.

21 mm of rain today. Most of it over night. So pleased right now!

19th May 2020

Recently, Parker acquired this ute. The ute and troopy are both oldies but gems. Invaluable on Brookdale farm.
Sometimes feeding time is quite late. I got these Moo-Cows a bale and had to wait till the loader could push it off the ute for them. They were grateful.